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About MindTheGap

MindtheGap is a Policy, Project and Technology based Community, Youth and inclusive National Development Social Enterprise; with a vision to live in communities where the unique qualities of youth will be fully developed, utilized and rewarded.

We are one of the leading partners for the Google sponsored #DigitalSkills4Africa project. #DigitalSkills4Africa is a programme organized by Google to train 1 million young Africans (Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa) on introductory level digital skills and tools.

The aim is to leverage the unique qualities and aspirations of the youth towards developing their communities through creating digitalized innovative solutions. We intend to create the next generation of smart and work ready youths to rock the economy of the country.

MindtheGap, as a lead partner in Nigeria has trained over 160,000 Nigerian Youths on Digital Skills. Many youths through our workshop have been able to build an online presence for themselves and for businesses; create content, understand web design, user experience, social media and digital advertising.

We strongly believe Nigeria will develop as a whole, if our youths are digitally aware of the right tools to position for opportunities within and outside the country.


Imagine if every individual had an active and effective social media content page or perhaps every SME had a website for which they could advertise their products.

Of course, conditions would be far different as individuals would be able to position for better Jobs and SME’s on the other hand will be able to reach more customers with their products.

That’s simply what we want to do when we say Digitize – We want to digitize every sector of the Nigerian Economy.


If the business of business is problem solving, then Innovation is the number one Job.

Innovation could mean “a new idea, a device or simply a different method of doing things’’ Thus as a youth, you should ask yourself this question: What innovative solution can I propose to businesses in my area of interest?


If every enterprise wants to increase their impact, income and influence then that’s your opportunity. The challenge here is for you to see amplification as an opportunity to scale businesses leveraging Digital tools and resources.



Tayo Olosunde

Co Founder and Team Lead at MindTheGap, Youthnomics, E-Green Service, etal.
My vision is to “live in communities where the UNIQUE QUALITIES of YOUTH are fully Developed, Deployed and Rewarded for the Good of All”.
“Investing in great minds to do great things”
Career Goal: To Be a Global Authority in Integrated Youth, Community & Inclusive National Development.
A Social Entrepreneur Per Excellence, in the last 6 years, Tayo has been at the vanguard of institutionalizing Social Entrepreneurship as the KEY to massive JOB CREATION for Nigeria Youth, through the identification and leveraging the intercession between Public-Private-Social Sectors for the effective mainstreaming and implementation of Global and National Development Agenda.
He has served as Special Assistant to the Permanent Secretary Federal Ministry of Youth Development and has been the Team Lead for; the National Accelerated Youth Development Programme, Review of the National Youth Policy, UNDP-DGD Effective Participation of Youth in 2015 General Election, MDG’s ICT-Education Policy Revitalization Programme (AccessDrive), Professionalizing Youth Work, and many more.
He is a Researcher, Instructor, Motivator, Management Consultant and Sustainable Development Professional.

People Behind the Scene

“Investing in great minds to do great things”

Adeniyi Oluokun
Co-Founder at AccessDrive

Tolu George
Published Author|Content Development Manager

Olumuyiwa Afolabi
Software Developer

Mark Woji
Certified Digital Skills Trainer and Onboarder at Google Africa.